How Long Will I Get My Lump Sum Money from JG Wentworth?



The most common question annuity sellers ask is when they will receive the lump sum of their money. The answer to this question is usually: it depends on the nature of the situation. In JG Wentworth, clients who sell their annuity or structured settlement typically get their lump sum within two to three weeks from the time the sell was successfully completed. However, this timeframe is not consistent since every seller’s situation is unique.

Nevertheless, since JG Wentworth knows that people who sell their annuities are in most need of money, the company makes sure that the lump sum is given in a timely and appropriate manner. Sellers must take into account that the lump sum they will get is not the same with the total amount of their initial annuity or structured settlement. This is due to the fact that the company charges its clients with determined amount of JG Wentworth fees. Usually, the total amount of JG Wentworth fees range from nine to 30 percent depending on the nature of the case.

Sellers should neither be intimidated with JG Wentworth fees nor the time of release of the lump sum because with the credibility of the company, payments are released in a timely manner. It is completely understandable why certain sellers are anxious about the lump sum they will receive from the company because naturally, they are concerned about their money. The main reason why people sell their annuities to financial services company is the necessity of getting lump sum. Certain financial troubles and difficulties prompt certain people to sell their possessions like annuities just to make ends meet. JG Wentworth understands this, which is why the company exerts all of its efforts to ensure that its clients are prioritized.

It is a fact in the financial industry that selling annuity or structured settlement requires good decision-making skills, which is why interested sellers must think many times before they finally decide whether or not to sell their financial assets. Furthermore, in relation to this, people who are intending to sell their annuities should only trust financial services companies with great credibility, reliability, and dependability to avoid wasting their time and money. Interested sellers should only sell their financial assets to companies with high regard for its clients and to those that know the necessity of money. Hence, trusting firms like JG Wentworth should be strongly considered by those people who are in need of turning their annuities to lump sum money.



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It is a fact that major business houses face acute shortage of in-house accounting professionals. This is because they have to be paid high salaries and other allowances. This can prove to be a costly affair. Thus, for most business houses, accounting is more or less a problematic field. Thus, in order to reduce these complications, accounting New York renders the best accounting services to the business houses. The professionals at accounting New York are efficient enough to provide excellent services to the business house. Determination and hard work are the two most important factors, which pave the way of progress and professionals working in this field keep into mind these two things while serving.